Focus on value creating and refuse speculation
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Rencent Capital is a global investment company, which manages funds on a scale of tens of billions of RMB with a business team of more than 50.


Forward-looking layout: In overseas market, Recent Capital has achieved in-depth cooperation with celebrated international investment banks e.g. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, UBS to seize investment opportunities from primary and secondary markets of major economies. In the Chinese domestic market, Recent Capital has established a strategic partnership with well-knowninstitutions e.g. Sequoia Capital, Huagai Capital, FountainVest Partners, Greenwoods Asset Management, etc.


Focus on two directions: healthcare and innovative technology.

Rencent Capital has invested in more than 60 companies featuring distinct technologies and innovative business modes with high return potential, including unicorns e.g. Kwai, TikTok, We Doctor, Terminus, 58 Zhuanzhuan, I-Mab Biopharma etc.

Rencent Capital makes long-term investment concentrated in enterprises playing leading roles in  profoundly transformative industries, helps them to improve their strategies and operation management with our global resources and autonomous system, in order to create  long-term corporate value and realize outstanding investment performance.

Unlimited by investment tools such as shareholding or bond, private placement or open market etc., Recent Capital accompanies the enterprises in their growth with a strategic perspective.


A professional team rooted in China yet with an international perspective, all from top-tier investment institutions or first-rate investment banks, with offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Returning to the commercial origin, supporting the value creators and overcoming the speculative idea of value distribution. Building core competitiveness based on long-term vision and strategy patiently and daring to sacrifice short-term benefit in facing temporary difficulties and short-term temptation, make constant improvements and become even better.

Seeking for the opportunities of long-term structural value investment
Insisting on positive investment strategy
Focusing on the business mode with long-term continuous structural competitive advantages
Taking research as a driving force and investing actively
Investment driven by research
Focusing on the familiar fields
Strictly complying with the investment disciplines and refusing the temptation of speculative opportunities
Portfolio investment and stable return
Never putting all “eggs" in one basket or even in one “vehicle"
Building investment portfolio with mother funds, spreading risks and obtaining steady income